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RTM Ai FM Radio
The RTM AI FM Radio is one of the most popular radio network positioned in the place of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Among many radios in the location, It is the one is most known for is the one as music. RTM Ai FM is a bold and unique playlist is due to her strong conviction that music is consistent along with independent positioning. It is broadcasting the genres of Top 40/pop music which is like by the youngsters a lot. RTM Ai FM Chinese also leads the training of presenters and is the custodian of the overall station format. The team is also supported by other cells working behind the scenes. Listen all Malaysia Radios Online.

Ai FM Radio Malaysia Crew

Xiaowei-Richard-Wang Wear-silver-Pei-Yin Penny-Xiao-Fen
Jin-Chuan Jian-Ji-An Guojun-Guo-Jun
Golden-Dragon-Jin-Long Bi-branch-Bi-Zhi

The tech ops team ensures the programming goes on air without a hitch, the production team ensures client RTM Radio ads are created along with a dose of creativity, and the account management team manages client relationships to ensure their marketing objectives. The basic purpose of the radio is to build a better Malaysia by championing rational, evidence-based discourse as a key element of good policy decisions. The station offers a mix of entertainment and information programs. It also does play Malay songs from everyday. It is broadcasting in the Chinese language. Enjoy also Mix FM Malaysia Online Radio.

Ai FM Malaysia Frequencies

Frequency City Frequency City
89.3 Kuala Lumpur 92.1 Ipoh
106.7 Selangor 92.7 Sarawak
89.7 Terengganu 99.3 Kelantan
90.5 Pahang 101.3 Perlis
90.7 Sarawak 103.3 Brunei
91.6 Kelantan 105.3 Sarawak
91.7 Sabah 106.1 Pahang

Radio Ai FM Ai FM General Info

Name RTM Ai FM
Frequency 89.3
Location Kuala Lumpur Tel +03-22887820
Genre Adult Contemporary Language Chinese
Country Malaysia Fax +03-22887820
Contact P.O.BOX 11272, 50740

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