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Best 104 FM Listen Online

Best 104 FM Listen Online

Best 104 FM is a personal Radio Channel for the Malaysian’s and taken as the number one station positioned outside Kuala Lumpur, namely the Pasir Pelangi , Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. The Radio Best is broadcasting all of its contents via the frequency of 104, which covers all of these areas successfully. The main Slogan of the Best Radio 104 is the “Southern Sensation”. In 1988, Best FM started its broadcasts as a significant place for standardizing flavor listen to the Sultan of Johor.
The Radio Best is basically transmitting all of its broadcasts in the languages of Malay and English, but intense competitors with other individual programs passed on in British terminology that ultimately encourage it to focus on the Malay viewers. The main privatization of FM Best 104 Malaysia initiated when it develops larger the unique passed on international Johor and then in 1996 it started to broadcast for about whole 24 hours of the day.

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