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Radio Perak FM is the high rank radio channel which is situated in the position of Ipoh, Malaysia. It has a great variety of genres, including the classic songs for old age listeners, pop songs for the youngsters and the jazz and rock music for the new era audiences. However in the early morning from 6am until 10am listeners would be adjusted into Minnal FM beginning morning show, Kaalai Kathir organized by the announcers and other some Co workers. From 10am until 2pm, for kids’ show. Perak FM would be concentrating on several of types of local song. Perak FM will be broadcasting from 2pm until 5pm giving classics. 5pm until 8pm shows of songs would concentrate on smooth and relaxing music of 80s and 90s. 12am to 3am is a unique section devoted to audience where they could call-in or deliver in their written text (SMS) to devote to music. More than these our radios is on the way for broadcasting devotional songs.

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Radio Sinar FM

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Sinar FM is one of the most popular radio stations located at the place of Ipoh, Malaysia. The most of the radio listeners at this position listens this radio. On Apr 1, 2005, Radio 6 was renamed to Minnal FM. In the beginning the radio faced some difficulties due to the lack of resources and team, but with the passing of years they modify and developed themselves a lot like they started to broadcast the Best Vintage Music with the audience having the option music of the old style 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Along with the skilled conveyors and top quality would keep you amused RAYS. Performed an essential part in the rebranding procedure as the go of the place.  Sinar FM Radio is here with the great genres of classical music which is loved by adults mostly and the classic hits which are mostly listening by the youngsters. In 2009, Minnal FM hired the new go for the place (Minnal FM) present goes to the place. It is broadcasting its content in the Malay language.

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Suria FM Malaysia

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Radio Suria FM is the well known radio station positioned in the area of Taiping, Malaysia. It is frequently heard by the listeners of a locality on a daily basis. Suria FM is a personal place certified to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After the Firstly air date on 2005, an organization possessed by Celebrity Guides (M) Berhad control it. Suria 91.7 started its functions on 30 Dec 2005 on a 24 time foundation. It broadcasts from an electronic studio on the Fifteenth Ground of the AM Guarantee developing No 1 Jalan Lumut. The place broadcasts in Malay in an “All time favorites” structure with music from the 1980′s, 1990′s and towards more recent choices. While covering the genres of adult contemporary it is gaining success day by day and also broadcasting top 40 and pop music for young listeners. While it’s Broadcast areas include Kota, Kinabalu and Kuantan. It has a nice slogan that is “All time favorites” music. For more details and interesting gossips please visit

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One FM Malaysia

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Radio One FM is the awesome FM and most popular one in the whole location where it is situated in the area of Ipoh, Malaysia. One FM in China and Cantonese terminology as the primary method, and definitely enhance excellent music, more over to China and Cantonese music, while also including passing on in British and Japanese people and Japanese people pop music. There are currently nine One FM varieties, including like JACK Ming. One FM is a China radio place in Malaysia. It was Firstly air dated on January 19, 2009. Originally beginning with broadcasts in the Klang Area, it is now passed on in the places of Kota Kinabalu, and Kuantan, Seremban and Kuching and statewide in Johor, Kedah, Melaka and Penang. One FM is possessed by Press Prima Berhad. There so many slogans of this radio which vary with the taste and demand of listeners some of these slogans are You Are My No. 1 (2009-June 2012), Most Hit (June 2012-present). One FM broadcasts its stuff in Malay language.

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Klasik Nasional FM Malaysia

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RTM R Klasik Nasional is the most popular radio station present at the place of Ipoh, Malaysia. It brings the fun with the genres of Oldies which is loved by every listener, especially the classics listeners. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular day by day. Some of the DJ’s in the place consist of Otto, Priscilla, Fad Dilly O, Dual D, Round head, Jane and Lee Mark these all are the most popular in the locality. These DJ’s and RJ’s are very talented and they every time with their team try to bring new stuff for entertainment for the listeners. Klasik Nasional FM is the only Malaysian radio place which developed British as the method for providing its applications when it started. This place also performed an essential part to notify, notify, and to amuse the audience. Each details concept above is about 10-minutes long. At other duration of the placements broadcasts details up-dates type 2-minutes longer. The Radio Klasik Nasional 98.3 is the great radio which transmitting its content in the typical Malay language.

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