Cats FM Live Radio Online

Cats FM Malaysia Online

Radio Cats FM Malaysia Live Online

Cats FM Live Radio Online

Cats FM Live Radio Online

Cats FM is the most popular Radio Station of Eastern Malaysia’s and is still on the 1st place which made it as a personal radio channel for the audience of this locality. The Radio Cats was established on the 8th Aug of 1996 with the transmission of completely ownership of Kristal Harta Sdn. Bhd. The Cats Radio functions 24 times from its long lasting developing located at Jalan Bako, Kuching. At the helm of the Cats Radio Malaysia is with the most talented board of Administrators including the source full team.

Cats FM Radio is always keeping informed to the audience eventually with the every aspect of info’s. When Cats FM was chosen from the first name of Cats Radio then it also has a dedicating tag line of ‘Just For You’. The channel is broadcasting the so many of its applications which serve the Sarawak community with its own individual get in touch with. Best 104 FM Malaysia.

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