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Listen Ceria FM Radio

Listen Ceria FM Radio

Ceria FM first day began with a big hit, especially with the existence of our amazing audience who energetically made its launch as a successful Radio Station of Malaysia. The team and the administration of the Radio Ceria invested almost two times at the place and answered on air. The FM Ceria is prepared with some of the most innovative devices in guaranteeing a sleek passed on of applications to audience. The main control studio which manages the transmitting of applications 24 hours daily on the weekly basis further facilitates this Ceria Radio with several shows.
The FM Ceria is advancing by its common divisions such as programs, promotions, administrations & financing, manufacturing and technological innovation details. The main development viewpoint of the Radio Ceria basically is programming material with its seventy percent music and thirty percent of discuss and listeners are provided with the very best well-known music available with present details and exciting details. Cats FM Malaysia Online.

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