Fuh FM Online Streaming

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Fuh FM Online Streaming

Fuh FM Online Streaming

Fuh FM functions for about all 24 times every day. The first broadcast of the FM Fuh was made on the month of Feb during the year of 2011. The main studio of the Radio Fuh is present in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. The weekend on the FM Malaysia is full of brilliant DJ’s and newscasters would provide their material on planned time from evening to late night, and sometimes on One week evenings as well. The team of Station would always improve increase their activities every now and then with the assistance and encouragements from the radio’s viewers.
The recommendations and valuable criticisms are also very much accepted as Fuh FM which is designed to offer the best material just for its listeners to get in touch with us. The Radio Fuh wishes that audience appreciate our innovative FM material, and we thank you for assisting us along the way.

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