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Kaban FM LogoThe Radio Kaban is a totally newer community radio channel in Sarawak. The Kaban FM is among those radios which are broadcasting in British, Sarawak Malay, Iban and British. The main genre is consists of the song which are mostly composed of the sixty percent Malaysia, thirty percent of British, ten percent of other cultural including local and talk shows.
The Kaban FM Sarawak also includes the local performers of Lagu Sarawak, Sabah and Malaysia in its programs and shows.
The main and the most listen programs of the Radio Kaban are concept vintage & Live Songs, Online Radio music. The Radio FM Kaban Malaysia started its way to broadcasts on 23rd of Oct 2010. The Kaban station also transmits the state to offer possibilities for Youngsters Creation Who Want to Learn in Broadcasting. The coverage of the areas are for whole days for about 24 hours on the weekly basis. You may also enjoy Gomo FM Malaysia.

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