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MyFM Radio Kuala Lumpur

The MyFM is the well known radio station located at the area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My FM is the most popular radio in the location because it never disappoints its listeners with respect to entertainment and other informative contents. It is broadcasting the speech hottest music most officially evolved into the national” best to listen, “the radio, and speech, press and music wire new ideas, promote programs row array, the new DJ, the new Logo, New image. The Morning Run talks with the big names in business, government and politics. Presented by seasoned radio aims to equip entertainment and entrepreneurs along with the tools to succeed. Listen all Malaysia Radios Online.

Radio MyFM Crew

pen-kim pen-rei pen-same
pen-shinbei kch-adam kch-joyce
kch-penny kch-wilson pen-casey
pen-chloe pen-gabby pen-gezo

The purpose of MY FM Malaysia is to provide the information also offer hands-on and interactive seminars, where the audience could meet industry experts to get practical ideas on how to take their next level. Interviews or contribution offers could be directed. The Bigger Picture relishes its role as the heart and soul of the station. Presenter all together along with producers has made it to tackle topics related to the human condition. It is broadcasting its listening in the language of Chinese.Listen also Ai FM Radio Malaysia Online.

Radio MYFM Frequencies

Frequency City Frequency City
100.2 Taiping 104.0    Kuching
101.1 Kuantan 100.1 Kota Kinabalu
101.2 Kota Bahru 103.2 Langkawi gem Langkawi
100.6 Kuala Terengganu 99.7 Miri
106.4 Seremban Hibiscus 97.5 Klang Valley
95.4 Melaka Malacca 102.3 Alor Setar
96.9 Johor / JB Johor

Radio MYFM General Information

Frequency 101.8
Location Kuala Lumpur Tel
Genre World Music Language Malay
Country Malaysia Fax
Besi,Bukit Jalil

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