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Radio One FM is the awesome FM and most popular one in the whole location where it is situated in the area of Ipoh, Malaysia. One FM in China and Cantonese terminology as the primary method, and definitely enhance excellent music, more over to China and Cantonese music, while also including passing on in British and Japanese people and Japanese people pop music. There are currently nine One FM varieties, including like JACK Ming. One FM is a China radio place in Malaysia. It was Firstly air dated on January 19, 2009. Originally beginning with broadcasts in the Klang Area, it is now passed on in the places of Kota Kinabalu, and Kuantan, Seremban and Kuching and statewide in Johor, Kedah, Melaka and Penang. One FM is possessed by Press Prima Berhad. There so many slogans of this radio which vary with the taste and demand of listeners some of these slogans are You Are My No. 1 (2009-June 2012), Most Hit (June 2012-present). One FM broadcasts its stuff in Malay language.

One FM Frequency

Cities Covers FM (MHz)
Ulu Kali 88.1
Jerai, Kedah 87.6
Kledang, Perak 89.8
Ledang, Johor 88.1
Pelindung, Pahang 100.4
Bukit Gan, Negeri 88.3
Karatong, Sabah 95.7
Djin, Sarawak 98.3
Taman Sentosa 105.3

One FM Programs

Name Program
Chinese Pinyin Anglicised Nickname
吳家润 Wu Jia Run Yoon Morning Kaki
叶朝明 Ye Zhaoming Jack Yap Chaur Ming Jack MorningKaki
林羽乘 Lin Yucheng Max Lim Max 音乐50不叽喳
陈淑琪 Chen Shuqi Tan Suk Kee Suki 音乐50不叽喳
翁书尉 Weng Shuwei Nicholas Ong Nicholas 劲爆30排行榜
唐纬颜 Tang Weiyan Wayne Thong Wayne 劲爆30排行榜
林志遵 Lin Zhizun Kyan Lim Kyan 快乐点
谭踊斌 Tan Yongbin Ham Yon Pin Lucas 快乐点


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