Radio Putra FM

Putra FM Online Malaysia

Radio Putra FM Online

Radio Putra FM

Putra FM 90.7 Streaming

The Radio Putra FM is the well known radio station situated at the place of Serdang, Malaysia. Campus system of radio Channels School Putra FM Malaysia or known as Putra FM, an invisible place first electronic university in the nation. It is the most listen station in the area. The design studio room and the choice of appropriate devices for this studio room along with the help of the TV Malaysia.

Putra FM is providing the genres of College Radio therefore it is very popular in the student community and likes a lot. UPM university radio place has been working under the auspices of Punjab in particular RTM or FM. Putra FM’s program focuses on mature education and studying by offering applications to exercise and studying, details and enjoyment. As Putra FM used for educational reasons, then the team will also get benefits, especially with regards to contact with lifestyle, technological innovation, such as details and connections technological innovation. Precede paying attention to the “Voice of the Campus Updates”. It is broadcasting in the language of Malay.

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