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RTM Ai FM 106.1 Malaysia Logo

RTM Ai FM 106.1 Malaysia Online

RTM Ai FM 106.1 Radio Malaysia

RTM Ai FM 106.1 Malaysia Logo

RTM Ai FM Online

Radio RTM Ai 106.1 is the well known radio station located at the position of Taiping, Malaysia. The new experience and look of the support was released in this summer 1, 1997. Ai FM (Chinese name, basically “Love FM”), formerly known as Radio 5 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 5 (Channel 5) is a national China radio station place handled by Radio Television Malaysia recognized in 1934. This radio is not only listening in the location and country but it also listens in the china daily and it has more fans in china then the Malaysia. It is passed on 24 times a day, One week per week’s time. In 1994, as the operator of Radio 6 turned to complete FM RTM Ai transmitting and became the first 24-hour Native terminology passed on support on the globe. The place became very well-known among the audience and vendors as it became more professional to entice a wide platform of audience. It has most listen genre of varieties which liked by every listener, Here you can listen other Malaysia Radios Online and enjoy also Radio Hot FM 104.5 Malaysia Online.

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