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Radio IKIM FM Malaysia

Ikim FM Malaysia Online

Listen Radio Ikim FM Online

Radio IKIM FM Malaysia

Radio IKIM FM is one of the well known radio station located at the position of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. It produced regularity 91.5 MHz (in Klang Valley) and transmitted to the whole nation. IKIM is one of the channels having the variety of applications available in Malaysia. IKIM means for the Institution of Islamic Knowing Malaysia, the owner place. IKIM FM formally released by the Primary Reverend. In beginning 2000, FM 91.5 regularity formerly used by RFM (now Red FM), before changing to 104.9 MHz. It can also be followed over the World Wide Web at its web page. Strategy and its material is designed Islam. Listen all Malaysia Radios Online in One place with quality Stream.

Radio Ikim Frequencies

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