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Lite FM Malaysia Radio Logo

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Lite FM Radio is the most popular radio station present at the area of Taiping, Malaysia. It’s DJ’s and RJ’s are very talented and most popular in the locality and in the outside world. Lite FM is one of Malaysia’s English-language applications. It was formerly known as Mild & Simple. Its concentrate on market includes individuals over the age of 35. It was released into Malaysian FM Radio in Jan 1997 after being one of Astro’s audio-only shows since the release of the satellite TV network in Oct the season before. Lite FM 89.3 is a place that performs British traditional and expressive music from the Sixties, Nineteen seventies, 1980′s, 1990′s, 2000s and now. With the genres of 80′s, Sleek Jazz it gets more and more popular with the fans as it entertain the adults and old age listeners mostly. The Frequency Radio Lite varies based on its region like 105.7 FM in Kelang Area and Southern Perak, 104.6 FM in Negeri Sembilan, 92.2 FM in Malacca and Northern Johor, You can listen all other Malaysia Radios Online here and Enjoy also Mix FM Malaysia Online.
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