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Radio Sinar FM

Sinar FM Online Radio Malaysia

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Radio Sinar FM

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Sinar FM is one of the most popular radio stations located at the place of Ipoh, Malaysia. The most of the radio listeners at this position listens this radio. On Apr 1, 2005, Radio 6 was renamed to Minnal FM. In the beginning the radio faced some difficulties due to the lack of resources and team, but with the passing of years they modify and developed themselves a lot like they started to broadcast the Best Vintage Music with the audience having the option music of the old style 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Along with the skilled conveyors and top quality would keep you amused RAYS. Performed an essential part in the rebranding procedure as the go of the place.  Sinar FM Radio is here with the great genres of classical music which is loved by adults mostly and the classic hits which are mostly listening by the youngsters. In 2009, Minnal FM hired the new go for the place (Minnal FM) present goes to the place. It is broadcasting its content in the Malay language.

Sinar FM Frequency

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