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Radio Suria FM is the well known radio station positioned in the area of Taiping, Malaysia. It is frequently heard by the listeners of a locality on a daily basis. Suria FM is a personal place certified to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After the Firstly air date on 2005, an organization possessed by Celebrity Guides (M) Berhad control it. Suria 91.7 started its functions on 30 Dec 2005 on a 24 time foundation. It broadcasts from an electronic studio on the Fifteenth Ground of the AM Guarantee developing No 1 Jalan Lumut. The place broadcasts in Malay in an “All time favorites” structure with music from the 1980′s, 1990′s and towards more recent choices. While covering the genres of adult contemporary it is gaining success day by day and also broadcasting top 40 and pop music for young listeners. While it’s Broadcast areas include Kota, Kinabalu and Kuantan. It has a nice slogan that is “All time favorites” music. For more details and interesting gossips please visit www.suriafm.com.my.

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