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RTM Traxx FM is the one of the well known radio station located at the place of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Traxx FM started transmitting in 1, Jan 1950, as Red System and the place passed on national as well as to nearby Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. Listeners listen this radio a lot as it has a great genres of Adult contemporary which is mostly liked by the adult listeners they enjoy it all. Other than this it also contains the top 40 and pop music for teenage listeners. Radio Traxx formerly known as Red System, Radio 4 and Radio Malaysia Saluran 4 is a British radio station! Handled by Radio Television Malaysia. This radio broadcast each and every thing in the English language, hence it is also the best radio in the British listener community. Currently, the place functions from 06:00 until 00:00 MST in every day with documented music and advertisements only at off-air periods (except for per hour foundation details broadcasts and stay telecast). For more fun please visit Website Traxxfm.rtm.gov.my.

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