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The Radio UFM UITM is the well known radio station positioned at the place of Shah Alam, Malaysia. UFM started working with a regularity of 93.6 MHz in Oct when the UFM 1997. Transmitted for 3 times beginning with the name of Radio3 transmitted ITM Shah Alam. In 1998, has modified its name to Radio Malaysia Selangor and ITM in those days was engaged and was officially. It is the most listen radio of the place. However, after the statement of the university’s improved ITM to the main reverend again modified to name UFM Radio┬átransmit UI TM Malaysia Selangor. It has the genres of World Music which is the greatly listen radio of the location. Beginning in 2000, was relabeled UI TM Monitor as the station name and broadcasted for 6 times per day with 4 full time workers and helped by learners specializing in transmitting Staff of Connections and Press Research. In 2000 radio transmitted could also be observed via the internet on the internet and could be utilized via the web page Radio UI TM. It is broadcasting in the language of the Malay. Listen Suria FM Online Malaysia.

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